Problemi di caldo ?
Hot Buildings ?

Boiling warehouses, high temperatures, inadequate air renewal,
smoke stagnation and unwanted volatile substances.
Natural ventilation can change the environment in your industrial building.

The best results can be obtained combining our experience with the specific characteristics of the context.
From the knowledge of the building and the way it is used, it's possible to identify the best natural ventilation solution.
The photo illustrates a simple example: metalworking. It is easy to expect a hot and polluted environment, but the criticalities are often less evident. In many cases it is difficult to be aware of the implications. Discomfort and invisible pollutants affect health and productivity more than we expect.

Una soluzione naturale
a natural answer

A fully eco-sustainable, energetically economical, biocompatible resource.
Governed by the laws of nature and integrated into the building organism, natural ventilation allows significant energy savings and relevant improvement in comfort.
Natural ventilation is not a recent discovery, its principles have been known for millennia. In the Arab world, cooling towers were built to channel wind into buildings during warm periods.
Today we think and build modern systems to improve the climate in industrial buildings.

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